My passion for history ignited at a young age. From the moment I picked up my first history book, I was captivated by the tales of ancient civilizations, epic battles, and the lives of remarkable individuals who left their mark on the world. As I grew older, this fascination only deepened, and I found myself spending countless hours exploring historical documentaries, visiting museums, and engaging in spirited discussions with anyone willing to indulge my passion.

This unwavering love for history became the driving force behind my educational pursuits. I was determined to turn my passion into a lifelong journey of discovery. So, I embarked on an academic path that led me to obtain a bachelor’s degree in history from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. 

Keen to broaden my perspectives even further, I continued my academic journey at University College London (UCL), where I pursued further studies in history. This international experience exposed me to a diverse range of historical narratives and methodologies, enriching my understanding of the global impact of the past.

The allure of military history, in particular, beckoned me, and I seized the opportunity to delve deeper into this field. At the University of Amsterdam, I completed a master’s degree in military history, where I explored the intricacies of warfare’s influence on societies, politics, and human experiences.

As my knowledge grew, I sought to share the wonders of history with the world through my work as a freelance journalist. I had the immense honor of interviewing hundreds of CEOs and start-up entrepreneurs, uncovering the stories of their successes and challenges. Through the lens of history, I drew parallels between past triumphs and present-day endeavors, shedding light on valuable lessons that transcend time.

My passion for historical storytelling also found expression in my writing, as I authored four books on various historical topics. Each book allowed me to immerse readers in the vivid narratives of the past, transporting them to fascinating eras and bringing historical figures to life.

In 2020, I embarked on a new adventure, relocating to the United States. From this side of the Atlantic, I continue to pursue my passion for history, helping clients on both sides of the ocean in telling compelling brand stories, crafting company histories, and strategically positioning their brands. This unique blend of history, journalism, and brand storytelling allows me to bridge the gap between the past and the present, creating meaningful connections that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Jelle Simons